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Land Finisher Features

Key features for Sunflower 6000 Series Land Finishers

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Unique Disc Gang Reel

The unique disc gang reel is located directly behind the disc gang and provides four important actions:

  • Pulverizes soils and clods 
  • Thoroughly incorporates chemicals 
  • Vigorously mixes soil and residue 
  • Prevents lateral movement of the soil and eliminates ridging
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Heavy-Duty Disc Gang Assemblies

  • 1 3/4-inch-diameter industrial-size gang shafts 
  • 20-inch, 1.32-inch low concavity disc blades either six gauge or four gauge 
  • 7 1/2-inch disc gang spacing with steel spools 
  • Triple-sealed self-aligning flangette disc gang bearings
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Disc Gang Placement

The disc gang placement directs soil into the gang reels. The gang reels located immediately behind the disc gangs level the surface profile by preventing the lateral movement of soil that would create ridges and valleys.

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Adjustable Disc Gang Depth

The gangs are adjustable from 1 inch below to 5 inches above the cultivator sweeps. Adjustment is accomplished with either the manual or hydraulically adjustable feature.

Optional on 6333 and 6444 models. Hydraulic adjustment feature shown.

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Spring-Cushioned Disc Gangs

The disc gangs are equipped with heavy-duty spring-cushioned mounts to protect them from obstructions such as rocks and stumps. These mounts allow the gangs to penetrate more uniformly and prevent gouging when crossing ditches or terraces.

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Spring-Cushion Shanks

With 25 inches of under-frame clearance, the 5/8-inch-thick, 190 lb. point-load shanks on a five-bar cultivator placement provide optimum trash flow.

Available on all series models.

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S-Tine Shanks

S-tine 160 lb. point-load shanks are also available if rocks and stones are not present and the heavier spring-tension shanks are not necessary.

Available on all series models.