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Tillage Tools

Control the growing environment like never before

Learn more about Sunflower's line of Tillage Equipment including Disc Harrows, Chisel Plows, Fallow Tillage, Primary Tillage, Field Cultivators, Land Finishers, Vertical Tillage and Strip-till Tools.

Product Line

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Disc Harrows

Sunflower discs provide benefits that don’t come standard on other brands of tillage.

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Chisel Plows

Performance advancements of this chisel plow over its predecessor and competitors is as long as the frame is deep.

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Fallow Tillage Tools

Sunflower fallow tillage performs at precise levels to accomplish work under the soil line while leaving the surface in a desirable condition.

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Primary Tillage Tools

The Sunflower primary tillage line is one of the most respected product lines available today.

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Field Cultivators

All Sunflower field cultivators feature superior engineering and rugged construction that withstands the test of time.

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Land Finishers

Sunflower land finisher are easy to set to get your desired results and easy to run without clogging with residue.

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Vertical Tillage Tools

Sunflower vertical tillage tools manage residue and open soil for warming and drying while minimizing its horizontal movement and reducing compaction layers.

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Strip-Till Tools

The Sunflower strip-till system combines a simple design with solid construction to provide virtually unlimited adjustability to match unique field conditions and create an ideal seed bed.