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Vertical Tillage


Sunflower Vertical Tillage systems help farmers to manage residue and open up soil for warming and drying while minimizing its movement and reducing compaction.

Sunflower Vertical Tillage

Sunflower’s Answer to Vertical Tillage

Vertical tillage systems were created to address different needs than traditional tillage systems. Farmers using no or minimal tillage in their operations found new crop varieties were more difficult to manage in terms of residue. They needed a tool to help with residue breakdown that was less aggressive than a disc harrow. Other farmers wanted a tool that could help manage residue and better prepare soils for planting with reduced horizontal movement. 

Now moving into their second decade, vertical tillage practices have had time and opportunity to be observed and improved. Their aim is to manage residue and open soil for warming and drying while minimizing its horizontal movement and reducing compaction layers.

Key Features

Sunflower Saber Blade
Trunnion-Mounted Bearings
C-Flex Bearing Standards
Single-Point Depth Control
Front-Mounted Gauge Wheels
Hydraulic Self-Leveling Hitch
Maintenance-Free UHMW

Product Comparison

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Model Working Width ft (m) Transport Width ft (m) Transport Height ft (m) Weight lbs (kg) Power Requirements
6631 Three-Section Vertical Tillage 20’ 2” to 37'5" (6.1 to 11.4) 13’ 5” to 17' 8" (4.1 to 5.54) 10’ 10” to 16' 1" (3.3 to 4.9) 14,405 to 28,824 (6,534 to 13,075) 9 to 11 hp/ft