Vertical Tillage Features | Sunflower Tillage Tools

Vertical Tillage Features

Key features for Sunflower 6000 Series Vertical Tillage Tools

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Sunflower Saber Blade

This 22-inch-diameter blade has 25 soil-lifting flutes designed with scallops to maintain an effective cutting edge acre after acre. No grinding or rolling is necessary to maintain its edge.

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Trunnion-Mounted Bearings

The trunnion bearing features triple-lip seals that cannot be damaged by daily greasing and metal washers that protect the seals from being damaged by stocks or material wrapping around the gang shaft. As the C-Flex bearing standards move, the gang bearings constantly realign. There is never any wear between the bearing and the housing, always creating positive lubrication as a result.

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C-Flex Bearing Standards

Sunflower’s trunnion bearings provide positive alignment, eliminate side-loading of the bearings and the housing to ensure positive lubrication. As the C-Flex bearing standards move, the gang bearings have to constantly realign. 

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Single-Point Depth Control

Single-point depth control is conveniently located at the front of the machine for easy access. Large, easily read markings indicate the direction of movement for adjusting.

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Front-Mounted Gauge Wheels

A trademark on all flexible Sunflower tools is front-mounted gauge wheels. This important feature prevents the front gangs of the wing frame from gouging, buckling or cutting deeper than the other gangs, promoting a level, ridge- or furrow-free field. The heavy-duty gauge wheels feature a five-bolt hub and 8x10 ply tire.

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Hydraulic Self-Leveling Hitch

Level the disc frame from front to rear with Sunflower’s hydraulic self-leveling hitch. This positive adjustment maintains a preselected setting regardless of the tillage depth. It features heavy-duty compression springs on each side of the pivot to cushion both front and rear gangs, which is important when crossing ditches or rough terrain.

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Maintenance-Free UHMW

Sunflower 6630s are equipped with maintenance-free lift and wing pivot systems. These systems pivot on UHMW polymer sleeves, eliminating greasing in the lift, wing and gauge wheel pivots.