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Field Cultivator Attachments

Available attachments for Sunflower 5000 Series Field Cultivators

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Three-Row Coil Tine

Three-row coil tine harrows feature 16-inch tines on 2 1/2-inch centers. Tines are spaced 15 inches apart. The unique tine angle adjustment features a direct stop mechanism that eliminates wear-prone linkages and pins. Each tine is individually replaceable, and the unit is designed to let all tines pivot forward for protection when backing up. Every section is equipped with fully adjustable tension springs that allow desired down pressure settings.

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Tine and Reel

This unit features independence between the tine and reel in the field. The reel can even be folded up and over the tines when not in use. Six high-carbon blades that spiral across the 10 1/4-inch-diameter section are featured. This smaller-diameter reel revolves at higher speeds, providing a more aggressive digging action for incorporating and preparing the seedbed. Each reel section is equipped with triple-lip sealed greaseable bearings with no shaft in the center for less retention of soil and residue within the reel. Three rows of 3/8 x 16-inch coil tines on 2 1/2-inch centers level the soil and provide a smoother surface for the reels to run in.

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Three-Row Spike and Reel

The heavy spike drag levels the soil in advance of the reel. The 10 1/4-inch-diameter reel features six high-carbon spiraled blades, triple-lip sealed greaseable bearings and no center shaft for better soil and residue handling capabilities. The aggressive action of this combination pulverizes the soil, provides superior leveling and enhances incorporation, leaving the seedbed in nearly perfect condition.

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Four-Row High Residue Spike Drag

The four-row spike drag consists of 3/4 x 16-inch round spikes staggered on 3-inch centers and is designed for heavy residue conditions. The longer spikes promote a smoother flow of residue, and the round design sheds heavy residue better than conventional square spikes.

Available for 5035, 5135, and 5056

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Five-Row Spike Drag

Equipped with 3/4 x 11-inch spikes, the flexible bars of our most maintenance-free finishing attachment are designed to conform to very irregular terrain, and its weight makes it aggressive enough to handle the toughest soil conditions. The 1 3/4-inch spike spacing provides additional incorporation and effectively completes the seedbed by breaking clods and leveling, smoothing and firming the soil.