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Sunflower Air Drills deliver high high performance in a variety of conditions. Fast, easy depth control with less residue issues, seeding for maximum yields, effective packing in all conditions and flexible seed and fertilizer options.

Sunflower Air Drills

High Performance in a Variety of Conditions

For many years, disc drills have had a bad reputation. The common hair-pinning of residue and lowered performance in muddy conditions steered many away from the very real advantages disc drills offer. Instead, farmers relied on slower designs with difficult-to-adjust depth control that created less-than-optimal field conditions due to a process called "stepping," in which the rear rank of openers double cover the seeds deposited by the front rank of openers. Our design delivers the best of both worlds. 

Our Sunflower Single-Disc Air Drills give you fast, easy depth control that delivers maximum performance without the residue issues of previous designs.

Key Features

Seeding for maximum yields
Drills to suit your farm and cropping
Effective packing in all conditions
Flexible seed and fertilizer options

Product Comparison

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Series Hopper Capacity bu (L)
Front | Rear
Working Width ft (m) Transport Width ft (m) Transport Height ft (m) Weight lb (kg) Power Requirements
9831NT Single-Disc Air Drill 105 (3,700) | 70 (2,500) 30 (9.14) 11.5 (3.5) 13.13 (4.0) 24,400 (11,091) 225 to 325 hp
9800 Single-Disc Air Drill N/A 30 to 60 (9.1 to 18.3) 14.3 to 21.6 (4.3 to 6.6) 14 to 17.83 (4.42 to 5.44) 24,500 to 54,000 (11,113 to 24,490) 180 to 500 hp