Primary Tillage Features | Sunflower Tillage Tools

Primary Tillage Features

Key features for Sunflower 4000 Series Primary Tillage Tools

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Walking Tandems

The walking beam pivot assemblies consist of two tapered roller bearings with triple-lipped seals. For ease of service and strength, the wheel spindles slip into the spindle tube, which is welded into the walking beam.

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Patented C-Flex Mounts

Our patented C-Flex bearing standards absorb disc shock created by rocks, field obstructions and normal discing. Additional C-Flex benefits include the ability to clear residue better than conventional rigid standards; extended bearing, spool and disc blade life and easy maintenance.

Featured on all series.

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Heavy-Duty Frame

All Sunflower primary tillage tools feature an all-welded, box-beam frame with specially formed gussets in all high-stress areas for maximum reliability and a long service life. Most models also feature a maintenance-free lift system, which utilizes space-age UHMW plastic sleeves on lift pivots, to eliminate the need for greasing, while decreasing parts wear and maintenance.

Featured on all series.

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Hydraulically Adjusted Coulter Gangs

Gangs feature two rephasing lift hydraulic cylinders (protected by shock-absorbing mounts) to control the front gang depths with on-the-go adjustments.

Available on 4213 and 4233 series only.

Maintenance-Free Hinges

Heavy-duty wing hinges incorporate maintenance free UHMW plastic sleeves that eliminate greasing and increase service life.

Featured on all models except 4630 Series.

Shank Mount Options

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Spring-Trip Shank Mount

The spring-reset shank holder (recommended in rocky conditions) is set at a 3,000 lb. point load and has 18 inches of vertical trip height.

Available on 4213/33 & 4511/30 Series.

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Rigid Shank Mount

The rigid shank holder features shear-bolt protection.

Available on all series.

Shank Options

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Minimum Disturbance Shank

The minimal disturbance shanks of the Sunflower 4700 Series have a maximum working depth of 20 inches (50.8 centimeters). The shank is made of 1 1/4-inch (31.8-millimeter) high-strength abrasion-resistant steel with a chromium carbide shin guard to protect the shank from wear.

Available on 4700 Series In-Line Ripper only.

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Parabolic Shank

The parabolic shanks have an operating depth of 16 inches (40.6 centimeters). Both shanks are available in a fixed version with shear-bolt protection.

Available on 4600 and 4700 series only.