Fallow Tillage Attachments | Sunflower Tillage Tools

Fallow Tillage Attachments

Available attachments for Sunflower 3000 Series, 3300 Series and 3600 Series Fallow Tillage Tools

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Conservation and Standard Treader Wheels

Sunflower offers both conservation and standard treader wheels to match your farming operation. Hard-surfaced teeth are available on the conservation treader wheel.

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Rolling Treader

The Sunflower rolling treader features unique high-carbon steel teeth, relieving stress for ductility and long field life without costly hard-facing. In fact, Sunflower does not recommend hard-facing the treader teeth because temper could be changed. One motion rips out weeds and leaves them roots-up on a soil- and moisture-conserving field surface. This rigorous activity settles finer soil particles to prevent blowing and help prevent erosion during heavy rainfall.

Rear-Tow Hitches

Choose from two rear-tow hitch options. The first features a slide hitch and ball joint for ease of hook-up in small spaces; the second features a fixed hitch with ball joint.