Chisel Plow Features

Key features for Sunflower 2500 Series Chisel Plows

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Walking Tandems

Walking tandems are available on all sections, all 30' and larger, allowing the machine to follow ground contouring precisely, maintaining a more consistent shank depth. The tandem beam pivots on a set of greaseable tapered roller bearings for smooth, long-lasting service. Zerk-equipped six-bolt hubs and heavy-duty 2" slip-in spindles feature triple-lip seals.

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Rephasing Hydraulic-Lift System with Single-Point Depth Control

The rephasing hydraulic-lift system features two 4 x 8-inch cylinders with hydraulic stroke control and matching 3 3/4 x 8-inch slave cylinders. Shank depth control is precise, and the traditional rockshaft linkage wear-points are minimized.

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Spring-Cushion Shanks

Spring-cushion shanks are available in two pressure settings (650 and 1000 lbs.) to handle all types of chiseling and have 11 inches of vertical travel to clear obstructions. The edge-bent shanks feature 30 inches (1000 lb.) or 32 inches (650 lb.) of under-frame clearance and measure 1 1/4 x 2 inches.

Screw Adjustment

Screw adjustment on the wheels provides precise wing-frame leveling and is located above and to the front of the frame for optimum operator convenience.

Adjustable Hitch

Ratchet-jack adjustment allows precise leveling of the frame from front to rear. Inspect a Sunflower 2500 Series chisel plow, and you will recognize the importance of building a hitch tongue that offers truly superior adjustments.