Chisel Plow Attachments

Available attachments for Sunflower 2500 Series Chisel Plows

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Two-Row Coil Tine and Flat-Bar Reel

Two rows of 5/8 x 26-inch tines combine with a 13-inch diameter, eight-blade (1/4 x 1 1/4-inch flat bars) basket.

Three- and Four-Row Coil-Tine Harrows

Three- or four-bar coil-tine harrows consist of three or four rows of 5/8 x 26-inch residue-clearing tines. Tines are spaced every 12 inches, positioning a tine every 4 inches (three-row) or 3 inches (four-row), with 12 inches between the rows. Tine angles are easily adjusted to any of five pre-set angles. The heavy-duty, 3 x 4-inch tubular steel harrow mounting arms (two per section) are spring-loaded and adjustable to level the harrow sections, providing just the right amount of down pressure to maximize performance.