9831NT Air Drill Features

Key features for Sunflower 9831NT Air Drill

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AgControl® is the most accurate and responsive rate control system on the market. The key features of the 9831NT’s AgControl system are:

  • Section control of all three sections
  • Single meter section rate control
  • Variable rate control for both products (compartments) 
  • As-applied data for both products (data logging and documentation)
  • Product variable rate control capability
  • ISOBUS AEF certified for use with universal terminal (full compatibility with capable AEF certified tractors)
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On-board Tanks

The integrated 60/40 split tank poly tank provides dual product capabilities. There is 175 bushel com-bined seed capacity or 105 / 70 bushel split for dual product. A dual product application using the 105 bu compartment for seed, the SF9831NT will con-tinue seeding 33% longer than two major competi-tor’s drills offering only a mere 70 bu total tank capacity. A single product application at 175 bushel capacity allows the tool to operate 2.3 times longer than those competitor’s drills. The tanks and lids are made of super tough polyethylene plastic for long life. The tank design features steep slopes for effective material flow and cleanout. There are product level sensors and work lights off the back. The wide ladder and railed platform provide easy access to the lids for easy safe filling.

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Dedicated Product Metering

The ISO compatible Task Controllers allow pre-scription seed and fertilizer application. Each seed opener has its own dedicated meter flute to pro-vide the utmost seeding accuracy. The meter roll-ers are made from durable polypropylene material. The system is a Venturi meter design eliminating the need for a pressurized tank. This greatly reduces the demand on the hydraulic fan. Each roller as-sembly meters its assigned product to a 10’ section of the drill. Each roller is driven by a dedicated electric motor powered by the tractor’s 12 volt electric system. Electric motors are most accurate and responsive and the SF9831NT is equipped with six dedicated motors to provide sectional shut-off, seed rate turn compensation as well as the ability to provide sectional rate control as required by pre-scription seeding.

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Meter Access

Easy access to the meters makes calibrating the drill a breeze. The presence of electric power to the drill is required for the calibration process to lower the plenum and operate the meter drives. The plenum lowers by activating the electric motor switch mounted under the lid of the input console.

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Opener Down Pressure

The down pressure of each of the tool bars on the SF9831NT drill is loaded by hydraulic cylinders con-nected in a parallel circuit. The down pressure is uniform across the drill and consistent through the entire range of motion of the tool bars. This system is far superior to springs that in-crease down pressure when stretched or com-pressed depending on configuration. The system is reliable even in the presence of rocks and other obstructions. The active hydraulic circuit operat-ed via the cab mounted virtual terminal allowing the operator to change the down pressure on the go.

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Depth Control

The color coded depth control collars on each of the frame lift cylinders (4) give a visual confirmation that each of the cylinders is at the correct depth. Utilizing the same combination of collars on each cylinder assures seeding depth will be uni-form. Seed depth change require only minutes and is done at the lift cylinders. No changes at the seed openers are required. Compare the simplicity of just four adjustments versus forty-eight individual depth adjustments as is necessary with competitive drills.

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Row Units - Single Disc

Row Spacings Available:
48 Rows (6-9) 6" Twin Rows on 15" Centers
24 Row (6-24) 6" Twin Rows on 30" Centers

Each tool bar on the SF9831NT single disk drill consists of two pairs of seeding disks and two packer tires. Each pair of seeding disks is mounted opposed on a common strut. This patented feature accounts for many of the unique seeding characteristics of this drill. By placing all of the openers in a single row, the opener spacing stays uniform in turns and when drifting on side slopes. The amount of soil coverage over each seed row is more uniform with this arrangement because there are no back rows to cover front rows.

With all of the displaced soil thrown between the disks and in front of the packer tire, more loose soil is created for packing and less open furrows are created than with competitive single disk designs. With the seed placed precisely at each edge of the packer tire, crusting is virtually eliminated as the seedling has an unpacked path to the surface. The five degree angle of the packer tire (a patented feature) scrub and compact the soil closing the seed trench as well as keeping the tires cleaner in sticky conditions.

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Row Units - Double Disc

48 Rows 7.5" Spacing

All-purpose openers feature wide-set 1/2" parallel links for better depth control and dead-on accuracy in seed placement.

Two retention springs generate 400 plus pounds at the soil entry pinch point of the opener blade. The pairing of the All-Purpose openers and hydraulic toolbars produce unparalleled row unit travel. At thirty-two inches of opener travel, the SF9831NT consistently maintains seeding depth and seed placement in the uneven or terraced ground better than any other double disc drill. Downforce pressures are easily adjusted from no-till to conventional seeding without the need for tools. 15" diameter x 3.5mm "Heads Up Opener Blades" eliminate pairing of rows, premature leading blade wear and side loading of bearings. UHMW Soil-controlling devices minimize soil blowout from opener blades for faster seeding in all soil types in both no-till or conventional seedbeds.

is positioned forward of the opener blade mount. The metal seed tube transitions from round at the top to a narrow oval to gain control of the seed to position it uniformly into the seed furrow. Soilcontrolling devices minimize soil blowout from opener blades in all soil types in both no-till or conventional seedbeds ensuring seed to soil contact.

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Wireless Blockage Monitoring

Wireless sensors are installed in the runs to warn the operator if lines are plugged or slow down sig-nificantly. One sensor for every run.