9830NT Air Drill Features

Key features for Sunflower 9830NT Air Drill

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AgControl® is the most accurate and responsive rate control system on the market. The key features of the 9830NT’s AgControl system are:

  • Section control of all three sections
  • Single meter section rate control
  • Variable rate control for both products (compartments) 
  • As-applied data for both products (data logging and documentation)
  • Product variable rate control capability
  • ISOBUS AEF certified for use with universal terminal (full compatibility with capable AEF certified tractors)
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On-board Tanks

The integrated 60/40 split tank poly tank provides dual product capabilities. There is 175 bushel combined seed capacity or 105/70 bushel split, which enables the 9830NT to continue seeding longer than other competitors’ drills. The tanks and lids are made of super tough polyethylene plastic for long life. The tank design features steep slopes for effective material flow and cleanout. There are product level sensors and work lights off the back.

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Dedicated Product Metering

The ISO compatible Task Controllers allow prescription seed and fertilizer application. The system is a Venturi meter design, eliminating the need for a pressurized tank and greatly reducing demand on the hydraulic fan. Each seed opener has its own dedicated meter flute to provide the utmost seeding accuracy. Each roller assembly meters its assigned product to a 10’ section of the drill and is driven by a dedicated electric motor powered by the tractor’s 12-volt electric system.

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Meter Access

Easy access makes meter calibration a breeze. The presence of active hydraulic and electric power to the drill is required for the calibration process. The plenum lowers hydraulically by activating the lever mounted to the inside of the tongue frame.

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Opener Down Pressure

The down pressure of each tool bar on the 9830NT drill is loaded by hydraulic cylinders connected in a parallel circuit, and is uniform across the drill while remaining consistent through the entire range of motion. The active hydraulic circuit operated via the cab mounted virtual terminal allows the operator to change the down pressure on the go and is reliable in the presence of rocks and other obstructions.

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Depth Control

The color coded depth control collars on each of the frame lift cylinders (4) give a visual confirmation that each of the cylinders is at the correct depth. Utilizing the same combination of collars on each cylinder assures seeding depth will be uniform. Seed depth change requires only minutes and is done at the lift cylinders. No changes at the seed openers are required. Compare the simplicity of just four adjustments versus 48 individual depth adjustments as is necessary with competitive drills.

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Wireless Blockage Monitoring

This “IAS Blockage” system was designed for the Sunflower single disc drill. Wireless sensors are installed in the runs to warn the operator if lines are plugged or to slow down significantly.