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Fallow Tillage Tools

King of the Fallow Tillage Tools


Consistent Economical Weed Control Without The Environmental Concerns

Tillage is the low-cost method in killing weeds especially in lieu of spraying on your burn down pass.* Utilizing Sunflower's 3600 Blade Plow as your fallow maintenance tool is not only less cost per acre than chemical fallow but may be easier to time because tillage isn't dependent on as many weather variables.* Plus, tillage offers additional benefits like fracturing surface compaction, improving water/air infiltration and creating a better environment for seed germination and root growth. What does this mean to you? An improvement to your bottom-line through cost and enhancing yields.


  • The 3600 series blade plow capably handles a wide variety of soil types and field conditions
  • An over frame hitch spans front-to-rear to provide uniform down pressure over the entire frame
  • High clearance box standards feature a four bolt mount that provides maximum stability
  • In line wheel placement throughout the plow
  • Heavy duty rolling coulters with 22" blades
  • Available in five, six, seven, nine and eleven-section models