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Grain Drills

"Seeding Quality"

9421 Grain Drill

Two-Section Designed With The Operator In Mind

Sunflower's 9421 two-section grain drill sports a narrow transport width compared to wide, rigid, mounted designs that are difficult to move between fields. Keeping the operator in mind, Sunflower's 2-section series provides valuable flexibility both during transport and in the field The "in-line" three bushel per foot grain boxes facilitate seed filling and by design align the openers for superior control, resulting in uniform seed placement. All Sunflower multi-purpose drills feature a full 8 inches of front to rear stagger between opener units. The Sunflower 9421 is an excellent alternative to a higher priced split row planter.


  • Simple fold system, no electrical switches
  • 2-section design allows center flexibility and a narrow transport width

    All-purpose opener designed for no-till through conventional seeding applications
  • Nylon seed cups with six internal flutes accurately meter a wide variety of seeds without seed damage
  • Low profile seed boxes feature a seed capacity of 3 bushel per foot with new wider lids
  • Drive mechanism features maintenance free sprockets,#50 chain, and spring loaded drive wheels to ensure constant soil contact and accurate seed metering
  • Non-skid, perforated walk boards equipped with heavy duty ladders
  • Tractor draw bar mount design
  • Available in 20', 25' and 30' working widths