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Disc Harrows

America's #1 Selling Disc Line


Finally a large disc that delivers!

The 1550 Series Tandem Disc Harrow is available in working widths of 47’ and 50’.

The Sunflower exclusive “Duplex Wing Hinge” provides the 1550 with unsurpassed flexibility in the field. Dual pivots designed into the hinge means a lower wing flex point when working. This lower pivot position gives the 1550 more downward flex than the competitors’ disc and enables the 1550 to hug the ground without gouging or ridging the field. The upper wing pivot position of the duplex hinge allows the 1550 to fold compactly for transport.

Safe transport of the 1550 is further augmented by another Sunflower exclusive: “Walking Triples”. This revolutionary design puts three tires in a walk-over tandem set rather than two. The Walking Triple design increases the load capacity fifty percent over a two tire carriage and provides excellent stability on the road. Center section Walking Triples are standard equipment on all models of the SF1550 series.

Aggressive gang angles (18°), exceptional weight of 665 pounds per foot, and full concavity (24”) disc blades equip the SF1550 to work through the toughest crop residue and hard soils to manage crop residue or build a seedbed at thirty acres per hour.


  • 30 acres per hour
  • Five Section Flexibility
  • Duplex Wing Hinges
  • Walking Triple Tandems
  • 238 pounds per blade
  • Narrow transport