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Primary Tillage Tools

Shatter What's Hiding Below Your Soil Surface

4412 Disc Ripper Disc

One Pass Yield Improvement

The 4412 is an exceptional combo primary tillage tool requiring less horsepower per shank than many competitors. The H.D. Auto Reset shanks of the 4412 are positioned between the front and rear disc gangs. The 4412’s “Disc-Ripper-Disc” design reduces the power demands by twenty percent as compared to competitor’s “Disc- Ripper” designs by getting the shanks closer to the tractor. The front disc blades are individually mounted on H.D. C-Flex arms rather than bound to a common gang. Mounting the blades in this manner allows the aggressive posture and performance of a triple compound angled blade. The 4412 gives you finger tip depth adjustment of the disc blades, front and rear to customize the incorporation of crop residue and field finish. The 4412 is available in five or seven shank models. The tools are equipped with Auto-Reset shanks with 3500 pound point load shanks positioned on the frame for maximum residue flow. Working to a depth of eighteen inches the 4412 can shatter deep hardpan and equip it with the H.D. coil tine harrow option to leave the soil nearer to seedbed conditions.


  • Frame
  • Hitch
  • Depth Control
  • Shanks
  • Wheels & Tires
  • Floating Hitch & Gauge Wheels
  • Finishing Attachments
  • Models in Five or Seven Shanks