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Seed it faster, with better accuracy and control!

The SF9830NT features an integrated two compartment tank and a narrow, 11.5’ (3.5 m), transport width. The brawn of the SF9830NT is the field proven, single rank, single disc opener system and the brain is the AgControl system providing product rate control of each meter shaft by section. This system delivers the precision high speed seeding performance and product rate control demanded by today’s farmers. The 175 bushel (6200 L) integrated system consists of two commodity chambers divided in a 60/40 split The seed is accurately metered through a stainless steel bodied venturi type metering system which provides a dedicated meter flute for each row. The ISO Task Controllers and electric meter drives provide a responsive material rate change with three section zone control and seed rate turn compensation. The SF9830NT can accurately place seeds at ground speeds far faster than competitive air seeders or conventional box drills.


  • Hitch & Tongue
  • Frame
  • Hoppers
  • Meters & Seed Delivery
  • AgControl
  • Seed Placement
  • Blockage Monitor