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1710 / 1730

A New Level of Strength and Weight

The new 1700 series offset disc harrows take weight and strength dimensions to a new level.

Featuring large diameter full concavity blades and some of the highest weights per foot of cut in the industry, the 1700 series is designed to penetrate packed soils, as well as the thickly matted crop residue that comes with today’s high-yielding, genetically modified crop varieties.

Equipped with rigid or spring-cushioned gangs - with 5/16” thick plain or notched disc blades., available in 28” or 30”diameters.

The blade spacings are 11” or 13” depending on the model, and all the gangs are supported by 1 15/16” gang shafts.

Available in cutting widths from 11’ to 24’ 11”.


  • Self-Leveling all Welded Frame
  • 11 or 13 inch blade spacing
  • 28 or 30 in disc blades
  • Plain or Notched disc blades
  • Rigid or Spring Cushion Disc Gang Assemblies
  • 12.5L x 15 Tires
  • Multiple Finishing Attachments
  • Models from 11’ to 24’ 11”