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5135 SW

Three-Section Flexibility With Reduced Transport Heights

Sunflower now offers the 5135 Field Cultivator in a split wing configuration. The 5135 Split Wing Series features a three-section design with a reduced overall folded height. As a result, you can now transport a 36'-42' three section field cultivator with a maximum overall transport height of 13' 6".


  • Sunflower's Three-Section Field Cultivators feature heavy construction, outstanding clearance and superb flotation
  • Mechanical linkages hold the split wing rigid during field operations making a true three-section machine but allows for a five section type fold for low transport height
  • Optimum shank placement for unmatched residue clearance
  • Single-point depth control adjusts working depth of the entire machine
  • Shanks are available in either Spring Tension or 2-piece "S" tine design and offer up to 190 pounds of point load
  • Walking tandems with large tires provide the necessary flotation required from a field cultivator
  • Walking tandems are placed near the outer ends of the wings for optimum depth control to eliminate gouging wings and frame bounce
  • Self leveling hitch maintains a level frame from front-to-rear regardless of operating depth
  • Working widths of 36' - 42'
  • Heavy-duty gauge wheels are standard equipment
  • Available with a wide selection of finishing attachments